As a graduate of Maine-Endwell High School, you are an important part of the educational heritage of your alma mater. Your gift continues the tradition of providing financial assistance to those students who are selected to receive scholarships based on their extracurricular activities, community service and educational achievements during their formative years at M-E HS.  All recipients must be accepted into a higher-educational curriculum or career-training opportunity, starting in the fall.



The applicant who most emulates Charlie Miller, the founding Principal of Maine-Endwell Senior High School, as demonstrated by his or her extracurricular activities, community or school service and academic achievement, and who have been accepted into a higher educational curriculum leading to a career in public service, will receive the Charles R. Miller Public Service Legacy Award scholarship.

The M-E Alumni Scholarship AwardVocational-Trade/Certificate Professional Training Program will be awarded to other qualified applicants no matter the choice of their higher educational curriculum, 2-year college, trade, technical or vocational school or a certified skilled professional training certificate program.

The M-E Alumni STEAM Scholarship will be awarded to at least one senior who plans to pursue higher education at a 2- or 4-year college/university, majoring in the Sciences, Technology (computer sciences), Engineering, Arts, Math or related fields (such as accounting or economics)—otherwise known as STEAM.

Please refer to the section entitled SCHOLARSHIPS – Background, Criteria and Application Instructions for specific criteria pertaining to the scholarships available.

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Your tax-deductible donation, no matter how small or large, is needed and greatly appreciated!

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When you reach the age of 72 you are required to withdraw a certain amount of money from your retirement accounts.  This amount is calculated by taking the total amount in all of your retirement accounts as of December 31st of the previous year and dividing it by the Life Expectancy Factor (from the IRS Uniform Lifetime Table) that corresponds to your age.  This is your RMD.

Not taking this distribution in a timely fashion can bring on severe penalties of up to 50% of the RMD amount. RMD’s are taxed by the IRS as ordinary income and may push you into a higher tax bracket.

Consider making a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program to reduce the tax impact of receiving these distributions and to support the M-E Community by “giving back” for the excellent education we all received as alumni of M-EHSH.

If you would like more information on donating your RMDs, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at and we will get in touch with you.


Memorial – A donor can remember a deceased loved one by making a memorial gift to Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program.  Notification of the gift (without mention of gift amount) is sent to the family of the person remembered. 

Directives – An M-E alumni can request within their Will that donations be made to the M-E ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM  in lieu of flowers”  – Notification of each donor’s thoughtfulness is acknowledged by the M-E Alumni Scholarship Committee for charitable contribution purposes.  The family of the M-E alumni is also notified of all donations made in memory of their family member (without mention of the gift amount).

IN ADDITION, an M-E alumni donor can instruct within his/her Will that a designated amount be set aside in his/her estate to be made to the Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program. Notification of the donor’s thoughtfulness is acknowledged by the M-E Alumni Scholarship Committee and sent to the family. 

Family members may request donations be made to the Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program “in lieu of flowers” in memory of their family member who has passed.  Notification of the donations received (without mention of gift amounts) is sent to the family.  Each individual donor also receives an acknowledgement of their charitable contribution from the M-E Alumni Scholarship Committee.

Tribute – A donor can honor a relative, friend, or colleague for a special occasion such as a birth, birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, retirement, professional achievement, or academic achievement by making a commemorative gift to Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program.  Notification of the donor’s thoughtfulness (without mention of gift amount) is sent to the honored person.  An acknowledgement of the charitable contribution is also sent to the donor from the M-E Alumni Scholarship Committee.


A gift of securities that have appreciated in value can provide the donor tax benefits, as well as the opportunity to make a significant gift to Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program. The donor bypasses capital gains tax and can take an income tax deduction based on the securities fair market value at the time of the transfer.


  • You will receive gift credit for the fair market value at the time of transfer.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated securities you donate.
  • Your gift is recognized as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.


Various charitable trusts allow the donor the opportunity to establish an ultimate gift for the benefit of the Scholarship Program, while providing lifelong income for the donor.  Trusts can be funded with cash or with real estate, stocks, or other assets.  A charitable trust offers the donor the opportunity to convert non-paying assets into income-earning assets while generating a substantial future gift.  Contributions that produce ongoing income to the donor can be very attractive methods of giving.  Donors interested in charitable trusts should contact their lawyers for details concerning the many types of charitable trusts.


To utilize a Corporate matching gifts program, a donor obtains the appropriate form from the employer and sends the completed form together with the donor’s contribution to Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program.  The Scholarship Program verifies the gift, and the employer then forwards its matching gift to the Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program.


Options for donors with life insurance include:

  • A gift of a paid-up life insurance policy may be a way for a donor to make a significant gift.  Many donors have grown children who are financially independent; for such donors, their paid-up life insurance policies may no longer be needed.  The donor who contributes in this manner may deduct the cash surrender value of the policy as a charitable contribution.
  • By purchasing a life insurance policy and designating Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program as irrevocable owner and beneficiary of the policy, a donor can thus make a charitable gift.  In this instance, the annual premium that the donor will pay can be considered a charitable contribution.

Thank You

“Thank you in advance for making the Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program one of your tax-deductible  donations.”

Maine-Endwell Alumni Scholarship Program